We work in the way that
works best for you.

Fluency Legal is a cutting-edge modern law firm specialising in corporate and commercial transactions and legal/regulatory advisory matters.  We develop innovative solutions to even the most complex legal problems, and we have the flexibility to do so in a way that’s right for you.

At Fluency Legal, we do more than tailor our legal solutions: we also tailor the way in which we provide our services to best suit you and your business.  Our expert lawyers take the time to listen – to learn about you,  your business and your legal needs – so that we can deliver the best solutions in the way that works best for you.

Our clients

We service a wide range of clients:

  • individuals appreciate our transparency and our commitment to being responsive in communication;
  • early-stage businesses enjoy the technology-driven cost savings that we achieve through our exclusive affiliation with FluentDocs;
  • small businesses appreciate our flexibility in finding appropriate fee structures;
  • medium-sized enterprises value our commitment to developing Fluent Client Relationships™ with them as they grow into the future; and
  • large private and public businesses appreciate our agility in tailoring the way we work to suit them.

We are also committed to supporting charitable organisations through our Corporate Social Responsibility and pro bono programs.

Exclusive technology

We save time and money for our clients by utilising ground-breaking document automation technology through our exclusive affiliation with FluentDocs:


FluentDocs is a global leader in the online automated production of legal documents.  By utilising this cutting-edge technology, we are able to spend less time on process/drafting and more time on the strategy, structuring and advisory work that truly adds value to clients.

Fluent Client Relationships

At Fluency Legal, we are committed to understanding you, your business and your legal needs.
We do this through what we call “Fluent Client Relationships” – this means that we are:

  • Responsive

    We answer calls, respond quickly to emails, voicemails and SMSs and even do video conferences over Skype.

  • Flexible

    We’re able to tailor a fee package to suit you, and we offer fixed fees whenever practicable.

  • Transparent

    Details about all work done are posted to each matter’s dedicated online Fluency Folder daily. You’ll know exactly where your matter is up to at all times.

  • Systematic

    We’ve developed streamlined systems, leveraging the exclusive FluentDocs technology, to deliver precedent-based work of the highest quality in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

    We offer discounted rates for assistance with using the FluentDocs system.

  • Advanced

    Every matter has a dedicated online folder – which we call a “Fluency Folder” – in which all important documents are stored for quick and easy access, anywhere, anytime.

These 5 qualities form the ethos of Fluency Legal, and we keep them in mind in everything we do.

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Fluency Legal is not your average law firm – we’re shaking things up and doing things differently.
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