We’re different because we …

  • Advanced technology – Utilise world-leading online automated legal document production technology through our exclusive affiliation with FluentDocs
  • Value focus – Focus on what really matters to you
  • Transparency – Give our clients complete visibility into the work that we’re doing and the charges that apply
  • Commerciality – Genuinely want to understand the commercial forces that drive your business
  • Fluent Client Relationships™ – Talk to our clients, and always get clear instructions before undertaking any work
  • Efficiency – Bring together a network of some of Australia’s most talented lawyers who keep overheads low by working primarily from home or private offices

Network of top lawyers

Fluency Legal is an integrated network of some of Australia’s most talented lawyers. In addition to employing top notch solicitors directly, Fluency Legal brings together the services of some of the brightest legal minds – both solicitors and barristers – from throughout Australia through special counsel and consultancy arrangements as needed to meet the particular requirements of each matter. This uniquely flexible approach allows us to ensure that we always use the best person for the job.

How we keep costs down

Low overheads

The lawyers in the Fluency Legal network operate primarily from home or private offices. This means that you can access top-tier-level talent without needing to subsidise the unnecessary luxuries on which typical top-tier-level firms spend a substantial portion of client’s fees. We keep our overheads low and pass those savings on to you.

Leveraging technology

We leverage pioneering online technology through our exclusive affiliation with FluentDocs, a global leader in the automated production of legal documents. This helps us to deliver top-tier quality work in the most cost-effective way possible. We even offer discounted hourly rates for assistance with using the FluentDocs system.

"Listen First, Price Later"

We take detailed instructions up front, before confirming the price and before we start recording time. This allows us to offer a fixed price option in most cases, and reflects out commitment to understanding you, your business and your legal needs better.

This is the future of the practice of law at all levels of the market, and it’s happening now at Fluency Legal.

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